These models featured some unique styling touches compared to later 1.

fiat 1 9

In fact, early press launch events were staged on parts of the old Sicilian Targa Florio route and well-regarded journalists such as Paul Frere arrived home raving about the car which seemed much like a baby Ferrari to many. A modest bump in power and torque were given with an enlarged 1. Bricklin would sell the cars through his national network of dealerships inwith new Bertone badging replacing the Fiat logos, new wheels and other minor changes.

fiat 1 9

Increased competition was also coming from Pontiac's new Fiero and the Toyota MR2both of which were more modern designs wrapped around mid-engine layouts.

Dallara only built a single car, but licensed the design to several privateers, resulting in about 30 cars built between and ' Fiat Group did take notice, subsequently hiring Dallara to develop several of its Lancia race cars. Late Fiat and Bertone models with fuel injection come next for their improved reliability and performance, while models are probably the least desirable to most buyers with their limited power and fussier temperament.

The Lampredi belt-driven SOHC engine is relatively easy to tune for more power, and is engagingly high-revving with a redline of nearly 8, rpm. Drive belt changes are generally recommended at five-year intervals—pistons can meet valves if they're overdue. Absolutely not! The best a 1. In a tailwind. Fiat got a bad reputation in the U. Let the little things go, like regular oil changes and other preventative servicing, and you'll quickly have a problem car.

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Like us on Facebook to see similar stories.The engine was designed by Aurelio Lampredifamed Ferrari engine designer before he went to work for FIAT the parent company, at that time. The fuel tank and spare wheel were located ahead of the engine, behind the driver and passenger seats respectively — optimizing the proportion of the car's weight within its wheelbase for more balanced handling and enabling cargo areas front and rear.

Once developed for production, the two-seater featured sharp-edged styling with a wedge shape, retractable headlights, an integrated front spoiler and a removable hard top roof panel targa top. The removable hardtop could be stored in the front boot ; a second luggage compartment was provided at the rear of the car, accessible through a conventional boot lid. Unlike Fiat's marketing nomenclature at the time which used a numerical system e. Fiat's prototype coding used X0 for engines, X1 for passenger vehicles and X2 for commercial vehicles.

Press test drives were held at the end of Novemberon the Sicilian Madonie roads home to the Targa Florio road race. The car's monocoque body was produced at the Bertone factory in Grugliasco Turin [12] and then transported to the Fiat's Lingotto factory for final assembly. Changes included a new cast aluminium oil sump, [10] complementing the aluminium cylinder head.

Suspension was fully independentwith MacPherson struts front and rear. The interior, upholstered in leatherettefeatured two bucket seats with integrated headrests and a four-spoke steering wheel resembling the one fitted to the Lamborghini Marzal. The original 1. Fiat began marketing a right-hand drive variant in Bertone models featured revised footwells redesigned to enhance legroom and sitting comfort for persons taller than the original design's target.

The U. To meet U. In U. Model years and saw a transition from carburetion to Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, with the changeover coming in for cars sold in California and a gradual changeover for "federal" cars from late to model years. The combination of fuel injection FIa catalytic converter and unleaded gasoline allowed these cars to meet California's and later federal emission standards.

The instrument panel and dash redesign moved the heating and ventilation controls from the center console up to the main dash, relocated the radio to the center dash area, moved the fuse panel from the area above the driver's left knee to the area above the passenger's footwell where the glovebox was, and moved the glovebox to atop the dash.

DuringFiat ended its presence in the U. Automotive, Inc. Five all-aluminum cars, dubbed "Superlight" not Superleggerawere built to the same strength and stiffness of the normal steel cars, and tested for vibration, noise, high load input, and corrosion. The program also tested the specially developed adhesives and techniques used to assemble bodyshell components. The spare tire was relocated to the new space behind the driver's seat, and a third seat was added to the space behind the passenger seat originally used for the spare tire.The car is finished in beige over black and is powered by a 1.

Features include pop-up headlamps, bumper guards, a black targa top, and an aftermarket stereo.

fiat 1 9

Recent service is said to have included replacement of the heater valve, brake lines, front and rear brake calipers, and brake pads and rotors, as well as a brake fluid flush and clutch fluid service.

A Saratoga-style tinted plexiglass top is included in the sale. A paint chip is visible on the hood, and the door and hatch rubber gaskets have reportedly been replaced. A walk-around video is provided here. A brake fluid flush was also performed. The cabin has been reupholstered in black vinyl with matching replacement carpets. A carpeted dash cover is included in the sale, and the interior features manual crank windows and an aftermarket stereo.

The seller notes the heater valve has been replaced, and the spare tire is fitted in a compartment behind the passenger seat. The four-spoke steering wheel fronts a mph speedometer, an 8k-rpm tachometer, and gauges for oil pressure, coolant temperature, and fuel level. The five-digit odometer shows just over 71k miles, approximately 1k of which were added by the seller. The turn signal bulbs in the gauge cluster do not work. The mid-mounted 1.

The fuel system has reportedly been fitted with an electric fuel pump, and the seller states that work since his purchase included cleaning the fuel tank and carburetor, flushing fluids, and replacing ignition components.

Power is sent to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual gearbox. Recent service is said to have included a clutch fluid change. A video providing an in-depth overview of the car and including driving and walk-around footage can be viewed above.

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Testing out the new search engine T Engine change Punto or rebuild. G Engine swap. Terry Fowle. Tu "Real power" engine transplant.

T Thermostat Housing. T Rosso red alternatives. G Brake caliper backplate. T removing the two lever that opens the engine cover and trunk. T DATR jet sizes. T Ignition Problems - at wits end. T Carburettor mixture base setting? T Wheel-arch liners. T No current to Ignition Coil.

Neville Minuti. G Carburetor cooling fan. T Metal coolant tubes - replacement. T Gearbox breakdown. OT back plate. Max Machine. Display Options Showing threads 1 to 30 of Sorted By.Multijet is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ' term for its current common rail direct injection turbodiesel engine range. Ownership of some Fiat Multijet designs is shared with General Motors as part of a settlement of the failed merger between the two auto conglomerates. The property that distinguishes the Multijet from previous generations of common rail diesel engines from FCA is the combustion of the fuel, which is split into multiple injections, thus allowing for a more complete, quieter combustion in the cylinder.

MotorWeek - Retro Review: '82 Fiat X1/9

Compared to the first-generation JTD engines Unijet system which only featured a smaller pilot and a larger main injection, Multijet is capable of up to five injections per combustion cycle which enables better, more efficient cold running, better performance especially in the lower rev-range, quieter operation as well as even lower consumptions and emissions. The time between injections has been reduced to microseconds while the minimal injection quantity has been reduced from two to less than one microlitre.

This enables even mid-sized sedans like the Alfa Romeo and Lancia Lybra equipped with the 1. A sophisticated electronic control unit controls the injection and changes the injection logic and number of injections based on a multitude of parameters, most importantly revolutions per minute of the engine, engine torque requested by the driver and the temperature of the coolant.

The injection pressure of the diesel fuel on the second-generation Multijet is limited to between 1, bar 20, psi on the 1. With its new and innovative injectors with hydraulically balanced solenoid valve and even higher injection pressure of 2, bar 29, psi it is capable of even more precise controlling of the injected diesel fuel, injecting it in a quicker and more flexible manner.

It enables up to eight consecutive injections per combustion cycle and implemented Injection Rate Shaping technology, which provides two very close pilot injections making the fuel delivery more continuous and modulated.

A small 1. At the time of the launch this was the smallest four-cylinder diesel engine available and had a fuel consumption of 3. The engine is able to meet Euro IV pollution standards without the use of a diesel particulate filter.

Fiat Doblo MPG

In JanuaryTata Motors introduced the new Indica Vista model, which features new Quadrajet branded version of this engine. DuringFiat launched a new generation badged Multijet IIwith a new injection management system up to 8 injections per cycle, instead of 5 and able to meet Euro V pollution standards.

As ofmore than 5 million 1. InFiat Powertrain announced a downsized version of the 1. The new 1. The most common JTD engine is the 1. The Multijet second generation features an advanced common-rail system and is available with seven different power outputs. Opel also uses a version of this engine. GM Powertrain separately developed their diesel engines based on 1. In Opel introduced cleaner and more fuel efficient versions of the 2. The 2. It was developed to offer more torque in the low-rev range compared to the 2.

A further development of this engine with a 2, cc displacement, and a die-cast Aluminium block, is used in the Alfa Romeo Giulia I returned the car with substantially less gas than it started with. The wheels are courtesy of Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto. VTEC, for those not Baptized in the Church of Honda, is the core technology that allows Honda to make high-performance engines that still delivered efficiency. While a basic engine uses a single cam profile that allows in a certain amount of air, VTEC engines have two.

At low RPM, the cams let in small amounts of air and use an equally small amount of fuel. When you get into the far reaches of the tach—colloquially known as when VTEC kicks in, yo—the car switches to its more aggressive cam profile that allows in more air. Having more air allows the engine to burn more fuel, which makes the car significantly more powerful at high RPMs. As for pairing that with the old Fiat—the idea ranks somewhere between the large hadron collider and the Doritos Locos Taco in terms of genius and ingenuity.

Mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, with a manual transmission, it was the lightweight Italian sports car of your dreams. Later models brought that up to a dizzying 75 horsepower, good for a blistering sprint to 60 in, well, 11 to 12 seconds. Oh, and it was a Fiat engine from the s. So not the pinnacle of reliability. More thanof these things were built, after all.

Despite rising to prominence for their ability to service Italian cars with original parts, the shop is also in the custom fabrication game.

1974 Fiat X1/9

Enter the K20 conversion kit, providing horsepower in just about the most reliable way possible: a Honda motor. This kit alone will not do it all!

Cutting of the frame rails in specific locations and gusseting of those sections is required. Modification to the fuel lines, fuel pump location, engine bay cooling lines, clutch hydraulics, and throttle body are required.

Or, forget all of that.

Have them provide a turnkey car, like the yellow example I drove. Then, somewhere along OH, I pinned the throttle. At 3, RPM it was fun, with direct steering and a nice soundtrack just a few inches from your head.

It sounds like a dual-mode exhaust has just opened up; the K20 screams as it fires down the twisty riverside road. Not to harp on the numbers, but the significance of horsepower in a 1,pound car cannot be ignored. A Miata, a paragon of lightness and simplicity, weighs in at 2, pounds.He lost a lot of money by betting on college football and basketball. I bet against the favorite and I lost.

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